Your veterinarian has determined that your bunny's injury or debilitating disease is long lasting or per-manent. Yet your bunny's attitude indicates a will to
live, and you want to ensure her a high quality of life.
.... This video covers an area where visual images explain much better than words how to administer
day-to-day care on a long-term basis.

Contents include:
Creating a health plan: This shows a veterinary
exam and guidelines for evaluating quality of life.
Habitat setup: Various living arrangements are
shown, with padding materials and furnishings that accomodate special needs.
Feeding techniques: Several diet plans are shown,
as well as disabled rabbits with typically hearty appetites. You can also watch the process of
preparing a formula and syringe feeding a rabbit.
Hygiene: Dry coat-cleaning, soap-and-water bathing, cleanser cleaning, fur trimming, skin care, and diaper-ing are detailed, as well as products and tools to use.
interaction: Bunnies themselves demonstrate interaction with toys and how well they respond to companionship.

Assisted Living
For Special-Needs Bunnies
By Marinell Harriman
DVD/Booklet; run-time: 45 min. $24.95
Playable on most set-top DVD players







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